We study the effects of stress on brain and behavior using zebrafish.

One major goal is to use this insight to identify novel molecular mechanisms that contribute to resilience to stress-induced dysfunctions in humans.


January '19: Postdoc Helen Eachus joins our lab. Welcome to the group!
July '18: Johanna Hoffmann starts her Master's Thesis in our group.
March '18: Postdocs Sara Kuntz and Min-Kyeung Choi join our group.
October '17: Lots of new faces in our lab. We welcome PhD students Tatjana Kuzenko and Siyong Kim, as well as Thomas Faust (as assistant to Professor Ryu) to our group.
March '17: Alexander Cook joins our lab as a new PhD student. Welcome to the group, Alex!
February '17: We welcome Marwah Al-Hushail (as a research assistant) and Kathrin Domdera (as an animal caretaker) to our group.
February '17: A flurry of good news coming our way: Luis successfully defended his PhD dissertation AND our work on whole-brain morphology characterization of oxytocinergic neurons gets published in the journal eNeuro. Hearty congratulations to Luis on this wonderful achievement and to Uli and everyone else involved in the paper.
December '16: We have moved from the MPI Medical Research, Heidelberg to the newly established German Resilience Center of the Focus Program Translational Neurosciences at the University of Mainz. Come visit us!
November '16: Our study elucidating the role of corticotropic cells in the pituitary in the rapid adaptation of behavior to local environments is published in Nature Communications.

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